Jackie Weatherspoon
Jackie Weatherspoon

Luminary Circle Member, Jackie Weatherspoon, has been a member of Step Up for almost a year and served as a Pathways to Professions mentor to Step Up teen Ilia this past school year. Jackie also volunteered, mentored, and spoke at this year’s College Connections Conference.

Jackie says “I believe it is up to every one of us to prepare the next generation of women leaders, and I believe Step Up is all about that.” She can also be found at many of Step Up’s networking and professional development events sharing valuable advice with young professionals and facilitating connections between members.

The Honorable Jackie Weatherspoon is founder and CEO of Decisions in Democracy International, a NGO/not-for-profit that works to train women in emerging democracies for elected office and governance. Jackie has also served as a professional mediator with Harvard Law School Community Mediator Certification. She held diplomatic status as a seconded election officer for the United States Department during the conflict that implemented the Dayton Agreement, serving in Bosnia & Herzegovina and was one of the Reebok representatives at the signing of the trade agreement between the United States and South Africa in support of the presidential bid of Nelson Mandela. Jackie has also worked at forging strong links with women in the financial sector by working with the Organization for Women in International Trade, 100 Women in Hedge Funds, 85 Broads, and MBA IQ. Jackie has raised four children with her husband of 38 years, spends time with her eight grandkids, and plays the cello with the Phillips Exeter Academy Orchestra when she has time.

Thank you, Jackie, for all you do!

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