Cassandra Gaddo

Cassandra Gaddo brings dynamic leadership and unrelenting dedication to advancing women and girls in both her roles as managing editor of Today’s Chicago Woman magazine and as an active member of Step Up Women’s Network.

Strategic-minded in her community commitment, Cassandra often utilizes TCW as a platform to promote and support Step Up’s mission. For example, recognizing the close alignment in our organizational goals, Cassandra included Step Up in two major TCW campaigns in 2011, and also spearheaded a mutually-beneficial media partnership.

Cassandra is particularly passionate about supporting Step Up’s programs empowering girls from under-resourced communities to become confident, college-bound, and career ready. Not only does Cassandra participate in events where she has a clear role as speaker or mentor or volunteer, she also regularly attends student showcase events just to demonstrate her support and encouragement for the girls in our programs. This type of personal touch and caring makes all the difference in our girls’ success. When women like Cassandra believe in our girls, the girls believe in themselves!

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