Step Up teen Rebecca
Step Up teen Rebecca (left)

Rebecca is Step Up’s teen of the month!

Rebecca has always been a hard worker. In fact, she’s been working a customer service job since she entered high school to help support her family. However, through Step Up and her internship with our partner company Wishcraft (which is owned and operated by Step Up Luminary Circle member Candice Cummins), Rebecca finally feels like she’s working toward her dream!

Rebecca will one day make a difference in the lives of children as a second grade teacher, so the opportunity to teach and support the creative development of the children who participate in Wishcraft summer classes has taught her so much about her future career. “The worst is when the campers fight,” Rebecca says, “but I’m getting pretty good at keeping them happy and making sure they get along. … The most amazing thing is watching them finally start to understand something, finally start to get it! I love that.”

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