Step Up Volunteer

Are you interested in supporting Step Up’s professional women or teen girls but aren’t sure how? Perhaps you have contacts, resources or personal talents to lend in the following areas…

Professional Women Events:

  • Volunteer photographer
  • Volunteer videographer
  • Caterer or restaurant partner
  • Alcohol sponsor
  • Event Volunteer
  • General committee/planning volunteer

Teen Girl Event Volunteers:

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Spoken word artist
  • Writer
  • Voice coach
  • Healthy relationship advocate
  • Dance instructor/ choreographer
  • Yoga instructor
  • Career coach
  • General committee/planning

Feel free to reach out to the program managers in your respective city to start building connections and lending your talents or resources!

Events - Emily
Membership - Kristen
Teen - Whitney

Los Angeles
Events - Sinead
Membership - Sara
Teen - Nickie

New York
Events & Membership - Sarah Kate
Teen - Emily

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