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Luminary Circle founding member and former chair of the Los Angeles Board of Directors Liz Dennery Sanders offers Step Up members insight each month into key steps to success.

What the world needs is more awesome people. People who take responsibility for their actions, help others and care about something bigger than themselves. In other words: people who give a sh*t.

This month’s column was inspired by a post from Julien Smith titled, “The Short and Sweet Guide to being F*@king Awesome,” on his blog you should be reading, Julien’s theory is that there is only one thing in life that matters, and that is to be awesome.

He writes, “People will tell you that there are all kinds of yardsticks to measure progress. What they don’t say is that most of them are worthless. Money, career, fame… whatever. That’s all fine and good, but the bottom line is that there is one thing– just one– that really matters. Being f*@king awesome.”

So let’s say you’ve made it this far. Now what? How do you actually increase your awesomeness quotient. Here’s my take:

Listen more than you talk – Everybody is a talker, but very few are good listeners. Don’t feel the need to interject at every turn. The opposite of awesome is playing the know-it-all.

Give more than you take – Give because you are in a position to help someone who deserves it. Give because it makes you feel great and you know what you put out into the universe comes back to you tenfold. But mostly, give because it could actually change someone’s world for the better.

Practice forgiveness – People make mistakes, even you. They stumble and fall and get their hands – and sometimes yours – dirty. Obviously, there’s a difference between being a doormat, and forgiving someone who has a history of awesome, but occasionally falls out of line. Remember, judgment is a bitter pill to swallow. Usually the person you’ve judged is long gone, but you’re still sitting around stewing in your own anger and self-righteousness. Just let it go.

Fight for something that matters – No matter what your cause, commit to it and give it all you’ve got, whether it’s something close to home or halfway around the world. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it matters to you.

Create, don’t compete – There’s only one magnificent YOU. And nobody else can do it exactly like you. Why in the world would you want to copy someone else when you are a living, breathing original? When you waste your energy competing with and comparing yourself to others, you not only deplete yourself, but those around you. You need you to bring forth and create your own magic in the world.

Show up – Do what you say you’re going to do. Be a woman of your word. Remember, you can tell a lot about someone’s character by her actions.

Be kind – To yourself, and others. Life is hard, don’t make it harder.

In my book, it doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you’re awesome.

As Julien Smith writes, “Being awesome should be a f*@king religion.” I couldn’t agree more.
So what you are you going to do about it?

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