Betty Boop
Betty Boop

One of the most well-known and popular characters in the world, Betty Boop is among Step Up’s newest Luminary Circle members and ambassadors for the ’1000 Luminaries + 1000 Teens by 2013′ campaign. Betty was created by Max Fleischer of Fleischer Studios (Susan Horan Fleischer is also a new Luminary!) and originally appeared in the Talkartoon and Betty Boop film series. She has also been featured in comic strips and appears on all kinds of merchandise.

Step Up members may connect with Betty via Facebook and Twitter and on her official site at

Step Up: You were an early advocate for women. What made you want to speak out on the issues, and how are you still involved today?
Betty Boop:
Women have so much power and strength. It’s important that we as women realize our unlimited potential and know we can accomplish anything we set our hearts and minds on. I stressed these ideals years ago in my cartoons and comic strips – and I still do on my website, in my appearances, and in my lines of accessories, jewelry, and clothing for women and girls. I’m proud to be seen as a symbol for female integrity, confidence, inner beauty, and success.

SUWN: What are you up to this spring?
I have several new products launching in apparel, accessories, housewares, and a few other areas. They’re all super cute! There’s a Broadway show in the works, so working on that will be keeping me busy. I’m also looking forward to being involved with Step Up as a Luminary Circle Member!

SUWN: If you were not ‘Betty Boop,’ what career would you envision for yourself?
I could see myself doing a lot of different things. I really do love animals and enjoy being around them all the time! I especially adore my dog, Pudgy. So, I might have been a veterinarian!

SUWN: Describe yourself in three words.
Fun, feminine, and ambitious!

SUWN: If a Step Up teen wanted to follow in your footsteps, what advice would you give her?
I would say believe in yourself and know that you are a gifted, talented shining star! Also, follow your heart and listen to your inner voice. I believe a big part of my success has been that I always stay true to who I am and follow my intuition. Finally, have fun! Don’t be afraid to sing, dance, and show off your Boop-oop-a-doop!

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