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The Daisy Diaries

Volunteer of the Month: New York’s Libby Shillito

Libby (right) hard at work at Power Hour

Upon her recent relocation to New York, Libby has jumped into Step Up with both feet! Within two weeks of relocating to the Big Apple, Libby attended her first Step Up salon and instantly connected with the members, volunteers and staff. Since that evening, Libby has joined the connections committee and has become an irreplaceable part of our team. Libby volunteered her time during the days leading up to Power Hour, Step Up New York’s annual signature fundraiser, to help pack, prep and organize various activations. On the day of the event Libby was there to lend a hand and support the staff in whatever was needed. Libby is a passionate supporter and advocate for Step Up. She inspires the staff by reminding us how incredibly talented, kind and generous our members are. Thank you, Libby!

Teen of the Month: Los Angeles’ Emily


Emily is about to wrap up her 10th grade year at West Adams High School in Los Angeles.  She started Step Up at the beginning of her 9th  grade year and has been committed ever since.  Early on, Emily was anxious to share her Step Up space with anyone who was outside of her clique, anyone already in her circle of trust.  Throughout this year, Emily has not only grown in her own understanding about herself and her ability to build relationships but, has really helped to foster sisterhood in her class, welcoming new girls and building the thriving community of incoming 11th graders at West Adams.  Watch out for Emily!  She’ll be a Step Up superstar and soon enough a director!

Modeling School

CEO Jenni Luke

In this monthly column, Step Up CEO Jenni Luke shares her take on mentorship through role modeling.

The study I noted in last month’s column about how men and women approach professional opportunities (and perhaps life opportunities) differently really stuck with me.  To refresh your memory, “Hewlett-Packard conducted a study about how to get more women into top management. They found that women applied for positions only when they had 100% of the qualifications, men applied when they met 60% of the qualifications.”

I definitely went through this math with myself when I applied for the CEO role at Step Up. The opportunity was fantastic and three different people from three different networks of mine sent the job description my way. Clearly my peers felt I was the one for the job. I was not so sure.
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Modeling School: Step Up’s Confidence Code

CEO Jenni Luke

In this monthly column, Step Up CEO Jenni Luke shares her take on mentorship through role modeling.

If confidence is ‘the purity of action produced by a mind free of doubt’, as the new book The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman suggests, then we will have many confident women and men on hand at Power Hour coming up on Thursday, April 24 in NYC. Our Power Mentors are all ‘doers’ who are making their mark on the world and paying it forward by sharing their stories with our teens and guests next week. The good news takeaway from the book is that confidence can be cultivated. But it requires work. Below are a few key takeaways:
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Mentor Monday

Celebrate powerful connections and powerful philanthropy with Step Up.

April 24, 2014
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Hearst Tower
300 West 57th Street – New York City

At Power Hour 2014, Step Up will gather influential New Yorkers to celebrate mentorship, networking, and the importance of cultivating the next generation of female leaders – Step Up teens.

This unique event for men and women reflects Step Up’s vision of mentoring– with a twist. For one night, instead of pairing adult mentors with Step Up teen girls, our guests have the opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with some of NYC’s greatest minds and industry experts: our inspiring Power Mentors.

Each Monday on the Step Up Blog, we’ll introduce you to Power Mentors you will have the chance to meet at Power Hour.

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