Darline Jean
Darline Jean

Step Up New York is delighted to welcome Luminary Circle member, Darline Jean, to our Board of Directors. Darline is president and CEO of the About Group, and in this role she is responsible for the strategic direction of the business unit of The New York Times Company that includes About.com, CalorieCount.com and ConsumerSearch.com. Her personal story is an inspiration to our teens and members alike.

Darline migrated from Haiti to Brooklyn, New York, with her family at the age of seven. “My parents stressed education and hard work. Their expectations were clear, and support was strong. Those were the most important tools to succeed,” says Darline. That’s why it’s important for her to contribute to Step Up.

She has been a long-time supporter, speaking at a Power Breakfast in 2011 and serving as a special guest at our 2011 Stepping Up in the City. This year, Darline is already hard at work raising money for Step Up by securing corporate sponsorships for the event.

Step Up turns 15 in 2013. How will we celebrate? With 1,000 Luminaries + 1,000 teens! Give a girl a chance by becoming a Luminary Circle member.

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