Ja’Nai Harris

-this post was written by Step Up alumna, Ja’Nai Harris, and first published on the JAR blog on July 5, 2012.-

My name is Ja’Nai Harris, and I am interning at The Jar Group for the Summer. I recently graduated from The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem and will be attending Gettysburg College in the fall. During my high school career, I participated in several extracurricular activities including the Step Up Young Luminaries program that got me the internship at Jar.

When I was informed that I would be interning here [The Jar Group], I didn’t know what to expect. We were given a brief description of the expectations for an intern and told what the company was about, but you don’t really know what a company is like until you observe their workers, website and blog.

Being that they are a digital marketing company, I expected their website, blog and other social media sites to be up to par, so I was not surprised when I researched their sites and saw updated material not only referring to their company and its successes, but to other marketing, technology and current events going on that relate to their company.

Although their new website and blog are amazing, what really makes me happy to be interning here is that I am allowed to do things that I enjoy in an atmosphere where I am comfortable. I love to write and am interested in learning how to make a brand of myself as well as a company. At The Jar Group I am able to learn how to navigate social networks and use them in a way to send a positive message out to the world, whether it’s the business world, consumer world or simply the general public. I love how comfortable and upbeat The Jar Group environment is. It’s what motivates me to commute from my homey, two-room apartment in East Harlem to Dumbo every morning.

Although my internship has just begun, and I have the whole summer ahead of me, I am sure that my time here will be not only be fun, but also an experience that will allow me to grow as person.

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